Hi! Thank you for being here, a little place on earth where I share my thoughts, life as a Au pair in America and my adventures as I start traveling and experience the America culture. Wait, let me introduce myself,  my name is Liza Dekker and I am 22 years old ( 2 February 1995) and as I already mentioned I am a Au Pair in America since September 2017. I was born in the Netherlands where I grew up in a ''small'' place called Harderwijk but now I live in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2014 I moved after I graduated from my education teaching assistant to Amsterdam where I took on a full time job as a nanny. I enjoy working but I also like to learn more and more throughout the years. I am just interested in more than one thing! So I did some extra educations besides my full time job. I did an Acting Training and a Make-up Artist education witch I also graduated from in 2015. I also graduated as a certified nutritionist in 2017. In the end of September in 2017 I decided to make my dream come true and move to The United States and work as a Au pair in Chicago.

I was always busy with my hair, make-up and clothes, still am.. But that wasn't enough. I want to know and learn everything that comes across in my life, so when I started this blog a while ago only about make-up and hair it wasn't enough for me. I wanted to share everything I learned from life, people and most of all myself. Because everyone is going through phases in life, so am I. You are always changing, so are your interest. So I decided to change my blog and post everything that I want to post, Make-up, Hair, Food, Lifestyle, Vlogs, Fashion. I guess you can call it a lifestyle blog now..

As I said, we all going through different phases in life. So I started my own Channel on YouTube.
You have to enjoy life and get the most out of yourself. I am trying to do this through accomplice every goal I have. Like eating healthier, exercise, taking huge steps towards my dreams and just stepping out of my comfort zone. Like I said before I moved in September 2017 to The United States to be a Au pair and travel The United states. I didn't want to experience these amazing things I will see and do on my crazy adventure alone, so I decided tot take you with me! Besides that I like to share everything and anything that might interest me! My journey full of obstacles and new discoveries, stepping out of your comfort zone but most of all, enjoying the journey and saying YES to new adventures. Are you coming with me?? Subscribe for free on my YouTube Channel. 

There is at least one thing central on my blog and that is to dare yourself to do something you have never done before. Believe me, it is amazing! 

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