San Francisco - (Au Pair) Weekend Class

by - Thursday, June 14, 2018

For my credits I took a Au Pair Weekend Class in San Francisco. My first time in San Francisco so I decided to land earlier and go back later so I could explore a little bit too. 

Now you have to take classes as you work as a Au pair in America. For a full year you need to get 6 credits or 60 hours. I already too a difficult 45 hours class (which you can read about in this article) and now I decided to take a weekend class. Trough our Au pair agency's website you see some options regarding to Au pair weekend classes. Click them and see what works for you with time and money. From your host family you get 500$ for your classes but they do not cover your flight or stay if you take a weekend class, so think about that. I decided to take this San Francisco weekend class because I wanted to visit this place, new did this so I saw a opportunity. Earn my credits and at the same time make new friends, learn about the area and travel a bit. I show you how this weekend class is and what we do. 

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San Francisco - Weekend Class 
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