College in America as a Au Pair (Credits and Graduation)

by - Thursday, June 07, 2018

If you want to be a Au Pair in America (don't know about other country's) then you need to get your credits* (*Credits or hours are what you get when you participate in certain activities or college classes. It is up to you what classes you take, as long as they are approved by your Au pair agency). For one full year you need to get 6 credits or 60 hours. It is smart to pick a community college near by (since they are cheaper) because you only get 500$ from your host parents to take these classes, your host parents NEED to pay your school up to a 500$ (in america), that is the rule. Anything above this is from your own money.

I took a weekend class (which we talk about in another blog/video, coming soon!) and I took a Wedding and Event planner course which got me 45 hours. I took this class at a Community College named Triton College which was about 30 minutes from my place in Glenview, IL. This was a 8 weeks course and if I passed the exam I also got to earn a Certificate. 

Now I have to say, I was too late with signing up for a class and didn't know exactly what to choose and which school. I just was in a new country and had other things to do than to look for school. This was my mistake because I needed to take classes otherwise I would not make it. I waited too long and now I had limited options because classes got full. I luckily found a class that I found interesting but it did cost me a lot. Yes, now I got a certificate so I can now work as a Wedding or Event planner but still. The money was a lot... I would definitely recommend to look as soon as possible. 

Now I found a amazing class and I always wanted to participate in a College class so now I did that. I got to meet local people and make new friends. I didn't took a easy class but it challenged me and that is exactly what I like. In his video I take you to my class, my exam, show your around college and my graduation.

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College In America as a Au Pair (Credits and Graduation)
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