by - Sunday, January 28, 2018

In december 2017 I had a amazing 5 day vacation in Miami, Florida. A place I have never been before, so another adventure. Me and my friend booked  a hostel ( which was a adventure itself ) right on Ocean Drive and booked a plane ticket and got on that plane.

This vacation was AMAZING, I have got to do things I have never done before and cross of things off my bucket list like seeing the animal I always dreamed of seeing, the killer whale ( although I always was a little scared of this animal too, so my reaction on seeing this animal in person... I wasn't sure what it was going to be ).

I road a bike along the boulevard of Miami beach and saw the night life of Miami as a VIP. I swam in the ocean and brought stones with me to collect. I watched the cars on Ocean Drive and ate breakfast at Ocean Drive. Bought millions of souvenirs and slept for the first time in a (horrible) hostel with 10 11 roommates haha. A perfect vacation!

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