Halloween costume shopping

by - Monday, November 20, 2017

When you are in The United States you know that you have to do something for Halloween. We in The Netherlands don't celebrate Halloween. We have other celebrations to get our self dressed up into a costume, but that is not Halloween. My reason for moving to The United States was to experience the American Culture. That means, also celebration Halloween like they do. So I found a Halloween party to go to with some of my Au pair friends and decided to get a costume to complete the whole Halloween experience.

With a friend of mine we went to a ''party store'' where they also had a lot of Halloween things. What you see in those stores is amazing. They have everything!! They had a whole wall full of different costume to pick out. Unfortunately me and my friend came to late and most of it was already sold out. Time to be creative and do something else. I wanted to be something typically American, something that we don't have or know of in The Netherlands.

After looking and making decisions about which one I should go with ( cause there where so many different things ) I finally found my costume. The American Girl. Literally put a flag around me as a cape and with some scary make-up it is a Halloween costume. Well kinda... here they are over the top, but this is what I like and this is perfect for what I wanted.

halloween costume shopping - [USA] VLOG 011 
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