Month 1 - Au Pair in Amerika

by - Sunday, October 29, 2017


Hi There! For who that doesn't know me. I am Liza Dekker, 22 years old and I am from The Netherlands. Exactly today one month ago I packed my suitcase and went on a adventure that might take me away from my home in The Netherlands, my family and friends for two years. But I have a good reason. I decided to become a Au pair and work in my dream country which is The United States of America.

Since I can remember I wanted to live in this country but never got the chance to do it. One month ago I took a plane to where I am right now, Chicago Illinois where I will be staying, living and working for the upcoming years, with maybe a extension of another year.

I am writing here to tell you about my first month as a Au pair in The United States and what I have done this past month.First let me tell you how it all has been, my English, my driving here for the first time, meeting new friends, seeing new thing and of course my struggles. 

First of all I have been good actually. It is going really well so far although if my friends or family ask me if I realize that I am in The United States I say no. Sometimes I have like realizations if I see typical American things like a school bus, the houses or the streets but when I am at home, at my host family's home you don't realize that you are in America. It is not a consent realization. 

But I can really enjoy seeing typical American things that you normally see in movies. And the thing is, it is so strange that everything really is like in the movies. I am so surprised. The houses, mailboxes, lanes, school bus, schools, playgrounds, decorating house at Halloween, I saw a house covert in toilet paper and so much more! It is amazing and I love it so much.

America already succeed my expectations. And I was really surprised about me and my English. I adapted very well to the English language although I miss talking in dutch sometimes haha.

I really realized that I am really happy here in this country and with my life right now, I already feel like another improved person and I am so proud and glad that I took this step! I noticed that I am wayyyy more flexible. Before this I was kinda organized and planned and attached to my surroundings, my friends because that was what I new, where I could count on and that was my comfort zone.

When you move to another country all by yourself that all goes away and you are pushed to step out of that comfort zone. And I saw that as a good thing, I saw myself changing in a good way. Exploring things either it was on my own or with a friend, meeting new people, being way more flexible in everything and just letting thing be, accepting it. I can't change it anyways..

About the driving ; 
I have my own car here that I can use anytime, which is amazing! The only thing is although I have drove to a lot of places and busy city's and hours of driving to that city I never drove in a longer car like I have right now. I only drove in my moms car which is a nice small care and the traffic rules, stoplights/signs are a little bit different here too. So that was a little thing that I got nervous about and hoped to push for a little while. But my host kids are older and they are going to school so I have to pick them up by car and you basically get nowhere without a car in America. So I had to do it, I drove a little bit with my host mom and fortunately the cars here are automatically so that was easy. And it turned out that I didn't had to be worried or nervous at all because I was doing fine and I felt comfortable in the car. There you see again you don't need to be worries about anything. Chill out.

About Making new friends ;
So a good friend of mine who was a Au pair in London told me that in the first three months of being a Au pair it is really important to make friends because probably after those three months Au pairs already have there own "best" friends. It makes sense so even before I came here I looked up Facebook groups for Au pairs in Chicago and looked if there were girls living around me and already talked to them. When I came here I posted a post into the group saying that I wanted to meet new people, where I lived and I got a lot of responses. basically every Au pairs that comes to a different country doesn't  know anybody so everybody wants to meet people to hang out with, if you don't you be stuck in the house where you also work. So in my first official week of working I began to meet different girls. So that is what I am doing right now regarding to that!

So I have seen a lot already. Even the small typical American things like the houses are already a big thing for me. In my video ; month 1 - Au Pair in Amerika You can see en experience my first month yourself. I put all the new things i did last month together in a monthly video.

Although I am very happy here and I try to adapt to my new live of course there are some struggles. You can't see ( like in real life ) your family or friends and it is just different if you are in another country being in another stage of your life while they are too. Sometimes you just miss the trusted person to hang out with or just talk with. But then you realize that you are living the dream and you can count on yourself and you"ll be fine. I would just love to show them this life I am living right now. Luckily I can throughout my YouTube channel and share a little part of it with my friends, family and you!

Month 1 - Au Pair in Amerika
YouTube ; Liza Dekker

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions just ask! Bye!

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