the stress is kicking in...

by - Thursday, September 14, 2017

So, my travel to New York City and after to Chicago is already in 5 DAYS!!! It is crazy and I can't believe I will be there this time next week. Let me head back because not all of you know what I am exactly going to do. I have mentioned it a few times and shared it on my YouTube Channel but I am going to work as a Au Pair in The United States and to be exact in Chicago.

I started all in January 2017 when I officially decided to work as a Au pair and filling in the questions on the Au Pair Agency website. After that I was really busy with filling in applications, making my introduction video for the family, getting documents after documents and got accepted to the Au Pair program. I am not done.. After you get accepted you can talk and speak with family's online and look for your possible host-family. That takes up a few weeks too.. at least with me..
After searching of a possible host-family I found my host-family and we got a match. I knew now were I was moving to. Now you need to arrange your VISA and other documents and get your plain ticket.

So here we are, a few days before flying to The United States. It took a lot of work but we made it. Now everything is arranged and taken care of the only thing I need to do is saying goodbye to my family and friends and packing my suitcase. Now let me tell you something, that ''packing your suitcase'' thing is a lot of work haha. I was busy with that yesterday and today and my suitcase still doesn't close, and if it is closing for some magical reason it is overweight haha. So to be honest, after being busy with that all day today and yesterday I haven't got any further.. So my suitcase is still not packed...

Besides the fun of that I notice that some nervous feelings are creeping in... I really wanted to travel to The United States for a long time now and I am so nervous on how it is all gonna go but sooooooo excited too. I really want to travel and see a lot of different states and city and I can't wait. So after this ramble of my stress kicking in I realize that I am really excited to make my long long time dream come true!

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