my introduction video + tips for your video and application

by - Thursday, September 21, 2017

As you watch my videos you might know that I have started my Au pair journey and with it my Au pair Series, USA on my YouTube channel. in my first video I talked about why I wanted to be a Au Pair, Why I choose The United States and how I've chosen my Au pair agency. In this video/blogpost I am going to share with you my tips for your application, my tips for your introduction video and a little bit of my introduction video.

After you have found your Au pair agency and you have chosen your country to go to, the next step is filling in your applications. For The United States that was a lot of work. It took be about three weeks ( or a bit longer ) to finish. You need to get a lot of documents when you are going to The United States. You need to fill in a lot of personal things both online and offline. The first is offline. You need to fill in you hobby's, who you are, where you live etc. You also need to get your doctors approval, references from you previous babysitting/nanny jobs, you need to get a passport and some other documents.

After you finish with all of that you can work on your introduction video. A short video that family's can watch if they look on your profile online. This is sooooo important because you need to introduce yourself in a short and small video that says something about you and your personality. I have a few tips for you that you will see in the video down below. You also get to watch a bit of my introduction video.

my introduction videoe + tips for your video and application / AU PAIR SERIES, USA [3]
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