my american-style surprise party

by - Thursday, September 07, 2017

After a long week and day at work it was Saturday. I made some plans with a colleague/friend and we were meeting at my house for a glass of wine. Later on that day I got a text message from another friend if I could help her out with something that evening. I decided to go to that friend first and after that I will have some drinks at my house with my colleague. When the time arrived for me to get home to my colleague I was rushing home because I didn't want her to be at my house sooner than me.

After parking my car at my house I rushed back inside because I already saw my colleague her scooter so I knew that she was here. When I opened the door I was shocked by what I saw when I came inside. Everyone screamed SURPRISE!! My family, friends and neighbors were there and organized me a surprise party in american style. I didn't expect it at all and the backyard was so beautifully themed in American-style. After all the beautiful gifts I got, the tears and realization that I was leaving in three weeks I quickly dressed myself in some ''party'' clothes and decided to pick up my camera to film this unexpected night.

my american-style surprise party - VLOG 005
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  1. That’s very pretty and a fun American-style surprise party. The photos you have shared here are absolutely brilliant. At one of the local San Francisco venues we also would be attending a fun birthday bash and that is 70s American styled. Hoping to have great time over there.