Holland's Next Top Model 2017 - casting day, Jisca van Beek

by - Monday, September 04, 2017

Hi, long time no see. I am back and with what kind of video! This video was shot about two months ago. I wasn't allowed to publish these clips then but I am now. In this video I follow my dear friend who I have known for a long time, Jisca van Beek with her day as she went to a Selection day/Casting day of HNTM. She was invited to the dutch television program Hollands Next Top Model. You may known it in your country but we in The Netherlands have that program as well. She applied with here amazing photos and was invited to the Selection day in Amsterdam.

As you may know is that before you enter that television program (or the model house) the models who entered the competition need to go on a Selection day/Casting day. Jisca applied and ask me to go with her to her selection day for support. Of course I wanted to go with her because I always wanted to know how it was like behind the scenes, I thought you might want to know as well. I came up with a fun idea to follow her journey all throughout her day. So get with her/us to the Selection day /Casting day of Hollands Next Top Model 2017.

Holland's Next Top Model 2017 - Casting day, Jisca van Beek
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