how I've chosen my Au pair agency

by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

After I decided to be an Au pair in my chosen country America it is time to look for an agency that can help you with some stuff. Of course you can do your Au pair journey without an agency but I think it is saver to do it with one. So that is what I did. This is an very important step because these people are going to help you and you want to be sure that you are going to meet a nice trusted family. If you go to America there are also a lot of legal stuff to think about.

What I did is I search on the internet for Au pair agency's. In my country ( The Netherlands ) we have a few different Au pair agency's. Please make sure that your Au pair agency send out Au pair's to your chosen country otherwise you have a problem ha ha. But back to the searching of different Au pair agency's. If you have found a few agency's that fits you, you can ask for information maps or go to information days. I did that too. I had found two different agency's and went to both of there information days after I got there information maps.

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After looking into them I still couldn't decide which one I wanted to go with so I decided to go to their information days. After I went to both of them I found that the agency's I am now with was a little more personal and was fitting me better than the other one.

After I had chosen my Au pair agency, Travel Active ( which I am still very happy about ) then comes the step of actually signing in to the Au pair program what is a big and official step. After that comes the filling in the application which I will speak about in my next episode.

* Hi There! In this new Au pair series I talk about my road as an Au pair to The United States. How I did everything from making the choice to go to meeting the family and working in America. In different episodes I will talk about different steps and topics.