Paris, France 2015

by - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Paris, a beautiful city and a spontaneous trip. I have never seen or even imagined how the Eiffel Tower must have been in real life. If I ever did imagine, it definitely wasn't like the real Eiffel Tower. Wow, how wonderful and beautiful this tower is, is so amazing!! Like I said I never imagined how big or beautiful this tower must have been, but in real life.... wow.. no words!

But Paris is more that the Eiffel Tower alone, the city itself is sooo beautiful too. The streets, the other buildings, the atmosphere is so different. Like is said this trip was kind of spontaneous. My niece, who is also in this video, messaged me with the question if I would go with her to Paris, France because she had found a nice, cheep hotel that we could go to. Of course I said yes! A few weeks later we went on that trip, by car.. I live in The Netherlands and that trip is about 12 hours by car so if we both would drive it wasn't that long. So we did.

Paris, France 2015
We woke up early on a Friday and I jumped in the car to pick up my niece and then we went to Paris. A few hours later we were in the city of love and we had seen some beautiful things!

Definitely a city you should visit. Although this trip was in 2015 I decided to put it on my YouTube Channel as a sort of ''after movie''. I hope you like it!