my first run after my injury

by - Monday, May 22, 2017

After eight months of resting and waiting for my knee injury to be over it is finally(!) over. Since two weeks all of a sudden my knee injury is gone, I don't know how but I am happy. No pain and I can do my running and sports again. Finally after eight months. Let me first explain how I got my knee injury in the first place. To be honest in never run more that ten minutes ongoing but I would love to run 5 km. So I tried three times over again to do a beginning running schedule. But when I got tot the ten minutes of ongoing running I got my knee injury. That happen three times over again.

But as you might hear, I am a bit stubborn and I still want to run that 5 km. So now my knee injury is over I want to start running again. Today is that day I start running for the first time since eight months.. It could go well but it could also end with another knee injury again.

my first run after my injury - VLOG 002