my day in 3 minutes / April 26, 2017

by - Thursday, May 18, 2017

Because I already moved my stuff to my moms house -which you can see in my latest video-, I don't have much left in my own room in Amsterdam. I have to work for a few more days and I have a few more things to do in Amsterdam. That is why my stuff already moved to my moms house and I still sleep here... on an air mattress. 
But today is the day that I have to leave my own room, the room that I lived in for two and a half years. My first room and house I have lived in on my own, the house where I learned to be independent. I lived with three other flat mates and I made new friends in this house. But it is time to move and we are going on another adventure. 
After two and a half years I am leaving and seeing my room empty is a really weird feeling, not really knowing what is going to come is very nervous for me but exiting because I am making my dream come true!After cleaning out the room and putting all my belonging in my suitcases I am leaving (for a few days) across my own room to the room of my flat mate. Luckily for me I can stay with my flat mate Kim for another few days. I still have to do a few things in Amsterdam and my flat mate was so kind that I can stay with her for a few days. 

my day in 3 minutes, 04.26.2017

While my door is closed and I gave the keys to my land lord I am going to Venray, The Netherlands ( in the south of The Netherlands ) to begin my new adventure. And as I sit in the train it is weird to think that I stopped yesterday with my work in Amsterdam and that I am beginning my new chapter today... But I am so exited and nervous because I have to speak English today and that is something that is a bit out of my comfort zone, especially for people I don't know. Let me explain...

I am planning to go to America this August or September, 2017. I always wanted to go to America as I said already so many times. It is finally going to happen and am I working as an Au pair in America for at least one year. So excited, but with that adventures also comes an Au pair agency and I am going to visit them today. There HQ are in Venray, The Netherlands and we have a whole -long- day planned for a workshop and I have an interview with the organization.