filming my new series

by - Monday, May 29, 2017

I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do on my YouTube Channel. Before this channel I had my own dutch vlog channel. Which was fun and I filmed every step I took towards my Au pair in America adventure. But the only thing was, it was in dutch. I already wrote articles on my blog in both English and Dutch but it was a step further for me to also speak in English on my YouTube channel. So that is why I started a dutch YouTube channel. Which of course is weird because in about two months I am leaving for America and then I have to speak English all day long.

You can say that talking dutch was in my comfort zone. Now you may know, but I am all about stepping out of that comfort zone. So I reflected on myself and thought why will I not speak in English on my channel. Because I am scared? Because of what other people might think? That's not what I stand for, so I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started my Main channel in English which I really enjoyed doing so far!

With my dutch YouTube channel I was bound to only vlog because that channel was called ; Lizadekkervlogs.. So that is why I decided to start my main channel, Liza dekker. A YouTube channel where I can vlog and also film other stuff.

So I was thinking about what I should be filming too. And because this Au pair journey is such a big part of my life now I though I would make a new series about every step I took towards my Au pair in America journey. In this vlog you see me filming my first two episodes.

filming my new series - VLOG 003