by - Saturday, March 18, 2017

As many now of you know, I turned my lifestyle around from being a junk food eater to a vegan / plant-based eater / lifestyle. I reached my 8 weeks of being a vegan and it is now time to look back at my 8 weeks and do I still love it?

First of all, I tried sooooo many times starting a new lifestyle or diet. Never, never, never I thought I was going to be a vegan or try a vegan lifestyle. I love meat and I grew up eating meat every day, to me it was normal and healthy to eat meat. This process of stepping into a new lifestyle was very quick and not well thought out. Because I failed so many times I did not expect to stick to this lifestyle so I went cold turkey into this lifestyle. Yes I have read myself into this vegan lifestyle and what vegan really meant but I was not planning to stick to this lifestyle.

Now 8 weeks later I am still a vegan. Sometimes it is really really hard, but never that hard like the other times. I have not cheated and my cravings were not that bad that I really wanted to eat something that wasn't vegan. My cheat food is still pizza, french fries or chips. But in a healthier way!

The first week was so easy. My roommate and friend joined me ( I really joined her ) and together it was easier. After the first week is noticed that I wanted to get out of this vegan lifestyle but I stick through and I ended up loosing 6 kg in just three weeks. What was amazing because I never lost weight because I worked for it. But the voice inside my head said that I lost 6 kg so I can eat things again, like I did before. I did not go out of my vegan lifestyle but I ate a lot of bread and chips and potato's.... and that went on for a few weeks..

Because I did so many diets I new what my mistakes where and what type of foods to avoid to be tempted to get out of this lifestyle. But because I was so focused on that type of foods I totally forgot that bread is one of them too, and because I am a emotional eater I went wrong there ( because you can eat bread on a vegan diet, but in the end I ate too much bread ).

But those mistakes are now made. I have not stepped out of my vegan lifestyle and I can only learn from my mistake and that is what I'll do. You have to enjoy the journey, right?

No from negative to positive, these last 8 weeks has been so learn full and so great. I have learn a lot, not only from the whole vegan lifestyle but also what I can eat and that it is so healthy to eat vegan / plant-based. I was already convinced that this lifestyle is the best lifestyle throughout documentary's but I did not know that I could replace so many bad junk foods for healthy homemade vegan ''junk foods''.

The last 8 weeks I have lost some weight, I learned from my mistakes, I have made mistakes and I except them, I enjoy cooking and I feel great. I am looking forward to the next 8 weeks. 

I also vlog about my vegan / plant-based journey on my YouTube Channel ( dutch spoken ) ;